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stocking (sketch) stocking (sketch)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

First thing, make sure to avoid lined paper. Just avoid it, okay?
The face looks freaky. The nose is too high, together with the pointy chin and unaccented cheeks, it all just looks unreal, and realism is a real important thing when drawing, you know that? On the first look, it seemed that you tried to copy an oh-so-original Manga style. My recommendation is to avoid this, and get started with some serious anatomy.
You said that her arms are actually behind her, but even then, the arms should be bigger and longer, and please, don't just draw three fingers for the hands and call it a day - draw hands with shape. Her hair seems alright, but it looks kind of weird if the hair's in front of her arms. You may want to fix that.
The thighs is another point that is anatomically wrong. You could've made the thighs shorter around the knees, because that's just how realism works.
Don't get me wrong, but her breasts, which are in shape, are also too high. Wondering how apart from all the weird anatomy you only got the breasts right! :D
Try also to avoid text that's showing us what is what, because can clearly see it's a sword, but there's no belt. If there's no belt, and her hands are free, with what is she holding the sword? With her butt? Lol.
So, overall, the drawing seems pretty okay for a start. Go google some anatomy tutorials because there are a plenty of them on DeviantArt or any other site as well.
For YouTube tutorials, I would definitely recommend the almighty tutorials by Josiah "Jazza" Brooks. Search for user "drawwithjazza" on YouTube. I think his tutorials have everything you might need for drawing and stuff.

My first drawn person My first drawn person

Rated 2 / 5 stars

What "If you can guess i won't give you anything"? Even if there is a reward, what are you going to give?
Anyways... I have no idea who this person is, and the hint "it is someone from youtube" isn't going to help either, because Youtube has billions of active accounts.
Now, let's get to some critique. First of all, you lack most senses of anatomy. I know, you may defend yourself with "but that's my style" <= nah. If you want a style, study anatomy and proportions, because that hand is really small comparing to the head.
Moving on to the lines. The lines look hairy, sketchy and rushed. How about re-doing these with smooth lines? You'll see, it will look a million times better.
One more thing, is that person supposed to be a female or a male? I can tell by the long hair that it may be a girl, but even men have long hair these days so... no difference. I think you're going to make her look female by making her breasts look bigger, don't exaggerate, though. :3
Well that's pretty much it. Cheers, have a nice day.